Lost Car Title FAQ’s:


How do I get started?

You will need to contact us so we can get information on the vehicle as well as letting us know what documents you do have. To expedite the service please start by filling out this application. We deal with eBay buyer’s, barn finds, inherited vehicles, and former parts cars needing a car title to prove ownership and get back on the road.

How long does it take to get a car title?

Including the background investigation, sorting through the vehicle history, paperwork and processing with the DMV and the mail time, we usually can complete the recovery in 4-5 weeks.  We help with lost truck title, trailer and motorcycles titles too.

What is the cost?

See this page for our services.

Do you use a mechanics lien to get a title?

No.  A mechanic’s lien has a strict set of guidelines for mechanic to recovery the cost of the parts and labor they performed on a vehicle where the owner never returned. It is illegal to use a mechanic’s lien for any other purpose.  You could end up losing the vehicle even after you restored it.

Here is the story of a person who loses his car after getting his title from a mechanic’s lien.

I can’t find my own title in my name, can you get me a new one faster than the DMV?

Only the DMV can print you a duplicate title. If the vehicle title is in your name and registered in your name, please contact the DMV in the state the title was issued for a duplicate title.  If you have moved to another state since the car or truck was titled, please contact us.

What is a Certificate of Destruction, Junk car title, Non-Repairable title?

We cannot work with titles branded as you see above.

Can I get a title for a car or truck left on my driveway?

Sorry, we cannot assist you unless you purchased the car or were given the car. Call your local, city department and find out how to get it towed away.