Car Without Title



Vehicle titles are a legal form establishing a person or business as the legal owner of a vehicle. This is handled by each state individually through their motor vehicle department in most cases. Once you’ve purchased a car without a title or never received the title as promised, you’ll need a professional title recovery service to research and obtain a title for you. If you are the registered owner and the title was simply lost, the owner on record [you] may replace the lost auto title by completing a duplicate title application with the state that issued the current title.

If you have purchased a car or any other vehicle without the title, you do not need to worry about it as we can obtain a replacement title for you. Our experienced team can completely take care of the entire process. We understand that a lost title on a car can be frustrating.  Each of the 50 states handles their own titles and depending on the circumstances, it can take a few weeks to resolve.

We have dealt with most every situation possible regarding lost car titles. We can help if your car title was lost before it was transferred to you or you never received one. We deal with eBay purchases, where the seller never sent a car title as promised. We also work with former parts cars and track cars that want to have a new life on the road again.  We love to hear about barn finds and work with car clubs all over America.  Buyer’s using car auctions or impounded cars use our service and have been very pleased with the recovery process.  We also work with overseas buyer’s and car exporters needing a title to ship their car.

Lost motorcycle titles and old Harley Davidson motors with a serial number can be handled as well.

If you are facing a missing title problem, and want a real solution for your lost vehicle title, simply click the button below to fill out a quick application and we will have a representative email or call you.  Lost Title Solutions is a first-rate organization, and the most acknowledged provider of professional title services in the country.