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Lost car title
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We specialize in older cars with these scenarios:

  • The title was lost before it was transferred to your name

  • Purchased the vehicle without a title

  • Inherited the vehicle and the title is missing

  • Vehicle was an eBay purchase and the seller never sent the title

  • Former parts car with no title

  • Vehicles from a wrecking yard with no title

  • Former track car without a title

  • No information on the title, but legally purchased the vehicle.

  • Vehicles that are ready to export and the title is missing.

  • Trucks • RV’s • Motorcycles • Trailers • Watercraft

Our research staff is made up of experienced, friendly professionals who can handle any car title issues, no matter how complex.

Please let us know if you have any questions by calling us at:

(775) 237-3888

Or send Lost Title Solutions an email: LostTitleSolutions@gmail.com

Please Note:

If you lost your own title in your name you will need to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles to order a duplicate title.

Motorcycles must have an original VIN plate or serial numbers on the engine (old HD’s) or the frame.  Salvage vehicles will stay as salvaged, certificate of destruction (FL) cannot be re-titled,  nor can stolen vehicles and new cars with liens (unless paid off).  Please call us with your lost title issue if you have questions.

All Vehicles are verified through the National Crime Information Center

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Have you purchased a car, truck or motorcycle without a title? Did you buy your vehicle online and never receive the title as promised? Or do you have an old vehicle that you inherited or was a former parts car? Maybe you just lost the car title before you transferred it to your name. We understand how frustrating the DMV can be in cases like this when you have a lost car title. We can help you get your vehicle back on the road. We have an experienced staff that will completely take care of the process of getting a replacement title for your car or truck.

Everyone loves classic vehicles, motorcycles and muscle cars. Many people want to restore their old parts car now that literally everything can be replaced from online sources. If you kept your old title safe all these years you are in luck, if not this is where we can help you. If you are looking to recover a title for your car, truck, trailer, RV or motorcycle, we will need the details so that one of our experts can contact you to discuss your lost car title case.

We have dealt with many lost vehicle title cases and helped many customers obtained a replacement for their lost title. You can check our credentials ( Licensed with the Office of the Secretary of State) and read some testimonials here.

Getting started is very easy. You just need to fill out a quick online form and include the VIN so that we can take a look at your situation and see what our options are. We will then have our customer service representative contact you by email or the phone to answer any of your questions.  From there we will initiate the title research and recovery process which will be completed quickly and thoroughly. Click the button below to fill the application form.

We are proud to offer lost title services for all types of vehicles in all 50 states including, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Colorado, New York, Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Oregon, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota,  Nevada, Virginia, Texas,  Iowa, Texas, Michigan, Idaho and Washington.